Many Cultures; One Faith

Stewardship in Action

Stewardship is giving back the Gifts that God has given you.   We are blessed here at St. Gabriel with many talented parishioners.                              

  • Time- Giving your time in ways of helping the church, the less fortunate

  • Talent - Using your God-given Talent to assist your church, community in areas you know.

  • Treasurer -  Giving back to God in your weekly gifts


Han Lee and his wife Theresa have been parishioners here at St. Gabriel for many years. Han is a retired Architect and is now doing what he calls his "passion". He does everything from kitchen design to fixing St. Gabriel's restroom door. When asked why he does so much to help his church and the community, he says that he enjoys giving back to God with his talent and time.




Interested in being a Steward of God's Gifts?