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Religious Educaition: Confirmation

Religious Educaition: Confirmation

Religious Education: Confirmation


Every child must attend and complete the ninth grade level before the year of the sacrament. Those wishing to celebrate the Sacrament of Confirmation must complete ninth grade and celebrate the Sacrament in tenth grade.


What is Confirmation?

We encourage you to discuss this question with your child before he/she decided to enroll in the Confirmation Program


Confirmation Preparation:

It has been the custom of St. Gabriel Parish to prepare students for the celebration of the Sacrament of Confirmation in the ninth grade.

A student may wish to delay the reception of this sacrament to a later time when he or she feels better prepared to make a mature commitment to his or her faith. However, students are expected to attend preparation classes in order that they may make an informed decision.

Students are also expected to have been attending classes regularly beginning with the first grade to be considered properly prepared and eligible for this sacrament. Parents are expected to attend meetings concerned with the preparation for celebrating this sacrament.

Confirmation is usually celebrated on Pentecost Sunday.


Download the Confirmation Registration Form (or register online)


Important Dates to Know:

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  • Rite of Enrollment-- Saturday, September 21 at 4pm Mass; Reception to follow in Parish Center
  • Parent/Candidate Meeting-- Tuesday, October 1 from 7-8pm in the Annex
  • Confirmation Retreat-- Saturday, May 24 from 9am- 6pm at The Mission Helpers of the Sacred Heart
  • Mandatory Chrism Mass-- Monday April 14 from 7-9pm in the Church. Plan to arrive by 6pm
  • Confirmation Practice (Sponsors Required)-- Thursday __________ in the Annex
  • CONFIRMATION-- Sunday, June 8, 2014 at 3pm at The Cathedral of Mary Our Queen


Confirmation Requirements

  1. Regular attendance at classes
  2. Complete 21 hours of service: Learning to live the Christian faith includes becoming involved in activities and projects that benefit others.
  3. Participation in a full day retreat which is included in the preparation process. It is a concentrated experience that incorporated some basic elements of faith: personal prayer, belonging to a community of faith, interaction with peers and adult leaders, and the celebration of the sacrament of Eucharist.


Confirmations Sponsors

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What does it mean to be a sponsor?

The sponsor should be a member of a parish community. He/she must be mature, confirmed, practicing Catholic. Certainly, a sponsor is a person who values his or her own faith, who knows and cares for the young person being confirmed, and is willing to share that with the young person. No one is asked to be a sponsor for purely social reasons.

A sponsor is a person who represents the People of God at the Confirmation ceremony. The sponsor indicates a willingness to guide the confirmand to become a responsible member of the Church community.


What does the sponsor do?

The sponsor serves as a companion, guide, model and witness for the confirmed, and should discuss his/her role with the confirmand at the beginning of the preparation for Confirmation. Ask the confirmand why you were chosen as sponsor.

The confirmand should catch from the sponsor what being a Catholic Christian is all about. The sponsor should be available and convey his/her willingness to be a friend, offering support and encouragement and, when necessary, offer a gentle challenge to the confirmand.

The sponsor should indicate that he/she takes this role seriously and that he/she expects the young person to continue learning about his/her faith and to continue living it. If the sponsor detects a lack of readiness or sincerity on the part of the young person, this should be discussed with the confirmand, and if necessary with the parents and with the catechists.

Would the sponsor be willing to testify to the readiness of the confirmand for the celebration of Confirmation if asked?